Core value


The OAG’s vision is “To be a leading institution in promoting accountability, transparency and judicious management of public resources”

Core value


The OAG’s mission statement is “To conduct audit of government institutions as a means of assuring our stakeholders that public resources are being utilized for national priorities and wellbeing of citizens“

Core value

Core Values

The core values of the OAG are:

  • Integrity:To carry out audits with absolute honest, candidness and behaving beyond suspicion and rep...roach
    Objectivity:To provide unbiased and factual audit conclusions, opinions and reports
    Professionalism:Demonstrating competence, skills, and sound judgment, responsibility, high level of secrecy, good conduct and behavior
    Innovation:Introducing new ideas and methods of providing audit services to remain relevant in a dynamic audit environment
    In Public Interest:To conduct audit aimed at improving the wellbeing of citizens.

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