Auditor General presented 2021 audit report to parliament

The Auditor General Kamuhire Alexis has presented to Parliament this Thursday, 12th May 2022, the annual audit report for the year ended 30th June 2021. The report was tabled before both chambers of the parliament, in accordance with article 166 of the constitution of the Republic of Rwanda of 2003, revised in 2015.

This year saw an increase in the extent of Government expenditure audited from 87.8% last year to 91%. During the year ended 30th June 2021, the total Government expenditure was Frw 3,910Bn,and OAG audited expenditure totalling Frw 3,562Bn.

“This year we audited 206 public entities and issued 238 audit reports (both financial and compliance), compared to 175entities and 188audit reportsin the previous year. Additionally, we issued the audit report on State consolidated financial statements” the Auditor General told lawmakers.

Besides, OAG conducted ten (10) performance audits, twenty-eight (28) special audits and six (6) IT audits. These include performance audits of post-harvest and agribusiness support project, Girinka program, Milk Collection Centres, Gako beef project, slaughter facilities and VUP Financial services. The selection of performance audit topics was inspired by NST 1 and SDGs.

The Auditor General noted that there was an increase in the entities that obtained clean audit opinions and a decrease in those with adverse opinions, which signifies an improvement in the management of public funds. 

“57% of entities we audited got clean audit opinions in financial audit, and 39% got clean audit opinions on compliance with laws and regulations. This increased from 53% and 32% respectively, from the year 2020” he noted.

Entities with adverse opinions in financial audit reduced from 15% in 2020 to 8 % this year while adverse opinions in compliance audit, the reduction was from 30% in 2020 to 27% this year.

The Auditor General noted that fifteen (15) government institutions and twenty-seven (27) government projects obtained unqualified opinions onfinancial and compliance audits. On the other side, seven (7) entities got adverse opinions in financial and compliance audits, which calls for their management to devote effort to improve their financial management systems.

The report shows that overall irregular expenditure reduced by 43% from Frw 5.7Bn in 2020to Frw 3.2Bn this year.

The Auditor General cited examples of incidents that raise concerns about achieving value for money, such as idle assets and projects that are delaying implementation and, as a result, delaying service delivery in many sectors.

He also invited the management to full implement audit recommendations, which now stands at 48%.