The auditor General urged CBMs to spend Government funds vigilantly

During the presentation concerning the “Matters affecting audit Opinions of audited entities and lessons for future improvement”  delivered to the participants during the first public sector accountability-training forum held at Musanze,  Classic Resort  Lodge from 07th- 11 June 2022, The Auditor General,  Alexis Kamuhire urged the Chief Budget Managers (CBMs) exercise due care   while spending the Government funds.


Participants pledged to fast track implementation of audit recommendations and development projects implementation; proper follow up of contract management and timely service delivery to the citizens. As a result from these fruitful and smooth discussions, the CBMs committed themselves to make a significant improvement in Public Financial Management (PFM).


Besides this presentation; This first public sector accountability-training forum focused on the following topics: Current PFM reforms by the government of Rwanda; Public Sector Accounting and Financial Reporting Perspectives; The effectiveness of financial reporting standards in Public Sector Accounting; Good practice in public procurement process and public sector audits during and post COVID-19: Emerging accountability issues. Other discussed topics includes: Ethics and internal control framework; 21st century governance; updates on IPSAS(International Public Sector Accounting Standards); Emerging trends in Public Financial Management; The role of accountants in tackling fraud, corruption, and serious organized crimes; Integrated Reporting Framework: Improving the quality of information in Financial Reports; Leadership: Innovation for change and managing people; and Effective customer service.