SAI Rwanda Partners with CAAF for a Seven-year capacity building program

The office of the Auditor General SAI-Rwanda has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Canadian Audit and Accountability Foundation (CAAF), formalizing the two institutions’ seven-year partnership program.

The cooperation formalized on January 23, 2019 aims at building and sustaining the capacity of the audit office, and the Public Account Committee (PAC) of the Rwandan parliament, to hold public sector administrators accountable for their stewardship of public resources and their performance in delivering services to Rwandans.   

“We are truly honoured to partner with Rwanda. We look forward to celebrating with you as you achieve the goals that you set for yourselves” Said John Reed, President and CEO of CAAF.

”With a strong base of good practices and dedicated Parliamentarians, Rwanda has the opportunity to be a regional, if not global, leader” Reed added.

As part of this partnership, MPs from the Public Account Committee (PAC) and Budget Committee had two day workshop on January 21-22, 2019 18 with an orientation on the role of effective and   Public Account Committee

The Auditor General, Biraro Obadiahaddressing the MPs

Mr. John Reeds, President and CEO – CAAF was among the training facilitators

Hon. Ngabitsinze Jean Chrysostom, the chairperson of PAC, welcomed the training, saying it was timely and will help the committee he chairs, which is in charge of scrutinizing the OAG reports, to better discharge its mandate. 

“The financial statements can be clean, but when you see the implementation and look at the activities, sometimes there is negative correlation; with a lot of money and few results” said Ngabitsinze.

“We believe this training will sharpen our skills in analyzing performance audits, and be able to check if there is value for money in different government undertakings” he added.

Three Canadian high ranking officials, Hon. David Christopherson, Member of Parliament of Canada; Mr. John Reeds, President and CEO – CAAF and Dr Lesley Martina Burns, Director, Oversight – CAAF; facilitated the training.

The Auditor General, Biraro. R. Obadiah emphasized the need for this capacity building partnership.

“Rwanda is in general doing a good job, in terms of accountability and enhancing value for money. But, if we are doing good, why don’t we look for better?” Biraro said.

“This is why any new parliamentary committee need to be ready to do better and more value adding, and hence the necessity for such trainings,” the Auditor General stressed.

This partnership is funded primarily by Global Affairs Canada, the Government agency through which Canada channels its development assistance under the International Governance, Accountability and performance (IGAP) Program.

OAG works with parliament closely as its strategic stake holder which is also part of fulfilment of International standards  for supreme audit institutions No 12,  The Value and benefits of supreme   audit institutions:  ‘‘Making a difference to the lives of citizens’’

The Auditor General together with the delegation from CAAF addressed parliament in plenary on sustaining an effective PAC.  

The capacity development at OAG is supported by various stakeholders mainly from INTOSAI community and one of them being the office of the Auditor General of Canada through the Canadian Audit and accountability Foundation (CAAF)

Public sector auditing plays a key role in promoting the accountable, effectiveness and transparency of the public administration and in strengthening trust in government. Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) are   mandated to act in the public interest and “ensure that government and public entities are held accountable for their stewardship over, and use of, public resources.