The Auditor General

Mr. BIRARO. R. Obadiah was appointed Auditor General from 1st June 2011.Obadiah was the Deputy Auditor General since december 2005 to June 2011. Obadiah is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with over 12 years of post- qualification Multi-sector experience as an external Auditor of leading economic entities both in public and private sector in East African economies mainly in Kenya and Uganda. Obadiah obtained his MBA from the Uganda Martyrs University, 2002, his major area of research was corporate governance .This was indeed a consolidation of his multi sector Audit experience. He is a member of the institutes of Certified Public Accountants of Kenya and Uganda.

For the last 15 years, Obadiah provided key leadership in external Audits, Investigations and Consultancy involving major Commercial organizations, Statutory Corporations and Donor funded projects, some of which were commissioned by the Auditor General in Uganda and Kenya.

For 6 years, (1987-1993), Obadiah was Auditor in charge of various Audits with Ernest &Young Certified Public Accountants, Nairobi- Kenya. Key experience included; The banking Sector, notably the Central Bank as well as the Cooperative bank of Kenya with its Nation wide branch net work. Other sectors included major Statutory Corporations cross cutting almost all sectors of Kenyan economy. He also had a stint at Private sector mainly the Petroleum industry with Total Oil Company in Kenya and Uganda. It is this experience that saw Obadiah representing the Auditor General of Uganda (1997) in a dispute involving ministries of Energy, Finance and the Oil distribution Fund which was being jointly operated by the five oil companies in Uganda headed by Shell.(U.Ltd). After a term at beverages industry (Crown bottlers –pepsi-Uganda) , Obadiah rejoined Professional practice as a director with Jasper Semu and Associates Certified Public Accountants, (1997) a local firm which was associated with KPMG in Uganda for 5 years, later becoming the largest local firm in Uganda . Here he had to deal with challenges of Staff Capacity Building as well as Audit Quality Assurance.

Obadiah provided effective Leadership in execution of major Audit and consultancy Assignments involving large Donor Funded programs under the Umbrella of UNDP, USAID, DANIDA, SNV, World Bank (IDA) and other International Developing Agencies in Uganda. Most of these assignments were commissioned by the Auditor General of Uganda for report to Parliament as well as Donor Governments.